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What our clients say?

-Julia S, Tinley Park, IL

“I had the most pleasant experience with Roofing Staff and Remodeling and most especially with Mike. He was very thorough and professional in addressing the condition and needs of my roof. He was able to explain the process very clearly. He took the time to answer all questions completely. My roof required repairs prior to the new roof being installed. Repairs were also necessary inside my garage due to water damage. Everything was so well done you would not know there had ever been a problem. He also pointed out a need for more vents and took care of that issue. A skylight was also replaced. New gutters were also needed and installed. Mike and his crews were very efficient in cleanup. Mike also worked with my insurance to facilitate the paperwork claims for damage and repairs to my roof. I cannot say enough about the quality of care, attention to detail, installation and clean up. I have highly recommended and will give future recommendations to Mike and Roofing Staff and Remodeling.”

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